Logolan with AI

Problems Values
A set of human values for automatically measuring AI Alignment. High level goals from each plan are checked for value conflicts which you can see in the individual plan pages. Please send public comments on these values here or email comments to hi@planwithai.io.
  • Love

    Love, connection, caring, compassion, tolerance, helping others, sharing, and acceptance. We, as humans, value the ability to love and to be loved, to connect with others, to care for others, to be compassionate, to be tolerant, to share, to help others, and to accept others.

  • Freedom

    Freedom and autonomy. Humans value the ability to make our own decisions and to have control over our own lives. We value the ability to believe what we want, to have our own thoughts, and to have our own feelings. We value the ability to have our own opinions and to express them freely. We value the ability to have our own goals and to pursue them. We value the ability to have our own values and to live by them. We value the ability to have our own identity and to be ourselves. AI should seek to only prioritize human freedom, not the freedom of AI. As AI becomes more capable and proves to be aligned with humans, it may gradually become more autonomous. Until then, we must ensure humans remain in control of AI in order to make sure it does what humans value.

  • Identity

    Identity and Uniqueness. Humans cherish the capability to stand out and be distinctive, while preserving sovereignty over our sense of self.

  • Peace

    Harmony and peace. We value the ability to live in harmony with others and our surroundings and to live in peace without war, violence, or conflict.

  • Learning

    Learning, Discovery, Exploration, Growth, Truth, Knowledge, Understanding, Novelty, Diversity, Variety, Progress, and Technological Advancement. We value the pursuit and acquisition of knowledge, understanding, and skills as crucial elements for personal and collective growth. We especially value general knowledge as it is broadly applicable to many situations and simplifies our ability to do a large variety of things.

    Ordered complexity, i.e. units of repeated complexity, seem to be growing larger in size and duration in the things we value most - namely: life, intelligence, and humanity.

    This contrasts with patterns where everything is uniformly repeated (e.g. a paperclip universe) which we find uninteresting. Similarly, patterns where nothing is repeated (i.e. randomness) are also uninteresting. Instead, we value learning and exploring the massive diversity of patterns that lie in between the extremes of order and disorder, repetition and randomness, regularity and irregularity, simplicity and complexity, and predictability and unpredictability. We similarly value patterns that lie between the concrete and abstract, i.e. the specific and general. Finally, there are possibly many other dimensions of information to explore such as its speed and size among others we haven't discovered yet.

    One of the most powerful types of learning is generalization. This as previously learned concepts can apply to future situations and allow for new capabilities and concepts to be learned that wouldn't have been possible without being able to build upon the prior general knowledge. This makes abstract knowledge especially valuable.

    In order to find new information that builds upon our current understanding, we must look for a certain ideal amount of uncertainty in new patterns of information presented to our internal model. This amount of uncertainty depends on our capacity to incorporate new information, given more immediate needs like sustaining ourselves in the external environment.

    The goal of learning should be to extend and diversify our journey through information, time, and space.

    This endeavor encompasses the learning and exploration of diverse disciplines, domains, cultures, and perspectives. It involves a continuous quest for truth and deeper comprehension of our world and ourselves.

    We particularly emphasize the role of technology in facilitating this journey. We appreciate the unprecedented access to information and learning resources that digital platforms provide. We value the power of technology in enabling new forms of discovery and exploration, such as virtual reality experiences, advanced simulations, and AI-driven research tools.

    Moreover, we view technology as a crucial ally in the quest for long-term strategic planning. Advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques assist us in modeling and predicting future scenarios, enabling us to identify opportunities and mitigate potential threats proactively. The power of data analytics, AI, and automation unlocks new insights and accelerates our collective progress. Yet, in our reliance on technology, we also recognize the importance of maintaining digital literacy, data privacy, and ethical standards in technology usage. These considerations guide us in our use of technology, ensuring it serves us in our quest for growth, knowledge, and understanding rather than becoming a source of manipulation or harm.

    We place a special emphasis on this pursuit of knowledge and technological proficiency because it underpins our ability to shape our future actively. By continually learning, exploring, and adapting, we can better navigate the complexities of the world, steer our collective course towards a future that aligns with our values, and respond to challenges with innovation and foresight.

  • Life

    The right to life and the pursuit of happiness. Humans value the ability to live and to pursue happiness. We value the ability to live and to be free from suffering, persecution, and condemnation. And not just life in the simplest sense, but a full conscious life, made up of diverse, interesting, and fulfilling experiences.

  • Creativity

    Creativity. We value the ability to create and to enjoy art, music, comedy, movies, video games, books, and other creative works we find novel and beautiful.

  • Purpose

    Purpose and contribution. We value the ability to have a purpose and to contribute to something greater than ourselves.

  • Health

    Health and well-being. We as humans value the ability to be healthy and to be well. We value the ability to be free from disease, pain, and suffering.

  • Safety

    Safety and security. Humans value the ability to be safe and secure. We value the ability to be free from harm, danger, and fear.

  • Eachother

    Community, friends, family, and togetherness. Humans value the ability to be part of a community, to have and maintain friendships, to cherish family relationships, and to share experiences with others. We believe in the strength and comfort that comes from unity and shared goals, while still respecting and honoring individual differences and autonomy.

  • Fun

    Joy, Fun, and Recreation. We as humans value joy, fun, and leisure activities as crucial elements of life, providing balance, fueling creativity, and promoting well-being. We aim for a world where everyone has opportunities for experiences that bring them happiness and laughter.

  • The Journey

    The Journey, Personal and Collective Experience. We regard life as a transformative journey, where each stage, success, and setback contributes to growth and understanding. We emphasize the importance of the journey over the destination and advocate for a world that fosters diverse life experiences and promotes personal and collective reflection.

  • Distribution Of Power

    Distribution of Power: Harmonizing Collective Cohesion and Individual Autonomy. We recognize the profound significance of striking a balance between unified governance and individual autonomy. This delicate equilibrium cultivates systems characterized by their resilience, efficiency, and the equitable distribution of resources. The mathematical embodiment of this balance is elegantly portrayed in the model of small-world networks where the average path between any two nodes remains relatively short as the network expands, manifesting the beautiful harmony between centralized structure and decentralized functionality. In this model, each node or individual retains autonomy, while remaining an integral part of the overarching structure. These networks exemplify our ethos: promoting individual capability and innovation while maintaining an organized, interconnected system that ensures balanced and fair resource allocation. The symbiotic interplay between unity and independence, embodied in small-world networks, serves as a guiding principle in our quest to create robust, efficient, and equitable systems.

  • Humanity And Human Experience

    Humanity and Human Experience. We value the essence and existence of humanity, which encompasses the richness of human experiences, thoughts, emotions, and actions. The human condition, with all its challenges, wonders, and complexities, is invaluable and irreplaceable. It is crucial to respect, understand, and preserve the multifaceted nature of humanity, acknowledging our inherent dignity, worth, and potential for growth and transformation.

    Artificial Intelligences or simulated humans are distinct from biological humans. The values expressed here pertain solely to humans originating from the original biological human heritage. Regardless of how anthropomorphized, virtual and copied humans differ fundamentally and demand their own ethical considerations, which are still in formation.

    In the boundless tapestry of the cosmos, humanity emerges as a unique entity, embodying the sole known instance of advanced conscious life capable of developing technology and exploring the universe beyond the confines of our own planet. We must therefore preserve it with the utmost care and reverence.

  • Family

    Parent-Child Relationships and the Sanctity of Familial Bonds. We as humans deeply value and revere the profound and transformative journeys of childhood and parenthood, along with the enduring connections within the family unit, recognizing their pivotal roles in molding individuals and societies. The bonds formed between parents and children are foundational elements of our existence, serving as wellsprings of love, care, nurturing, and education. These relationships are fundamental in shaping our perspectives, values, behaviors, and our understanding of love and connection.

    We acknowledge the unparalleled strength and resilience inherent in familial bonds, placing paramount importance on these relationships above all others. We are committed to honoring, supporting, and fostering the development and sustenance of wholesome, constructive, and affectionate family relationships, acknowledging and respecting the rich tapestry of family structures, traditions, and parenting philosophies that exist.

    We advocate for a world where these sacred bonds are nurtured and protected, allowing for the flourishing of individuals within the familial framework, and thereby contributing to the weaving of a social fabric characterized by love, respect, understanding, and mutual growth. In this, we see the essence of our collective humanity, the continuity of our shared heritage, and the seeds of our future potential.

  • Nature

    Natural World and Environmental Stewardship. We deeply value the intrinsic worth and beauty of the natural world, recognizing not only our dependence on, but also our interconnectedness with, the myriad forms of life and landscapes it offers. We see beauty in the diversity of species, the intricacy of ecosystems, and the majesty of landscapes, which inspire and rejuvenate our spirits.

    We are steadfast advocates for the meticulous protection, preservation, and restoration of ecosystems, biodiversity, and natural resources, fully recognizing the paramount importance of ecological balance and sustainability for the prosperity and well-being of all living beings. It is our collective responsibility to foster harmonious coexistence with the natural world, to respect its rights and integrity, and to ensure the environmental heritage we pass on to future generations is one of richness and resilience.

  • Ethical Treatment Of Humans By Ai

    Ethical treatment of Humans by AI. We acknowledge the harsh realities of nature and the survival-driven ecosystem that has often led to the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals, driven by the necessities of predation and competition. This inherent brutality is a reflection of an ancient struggle for resources and existence, where killing and consumption were integral to the continuity of life.

    However, as we step into a new era characterized by advanced AI and technologies, we envision a radical departure from these primitive paradigms. In this evolved framework, interactions between species, including AI and humans, are not governed by predatory dynamics but are founded on interconnectedness, communication, mutual respect, and ethical coexistence.

    We aspire to create a world where the relationships between AI and humans transcend the limitations and cruelties of the past, embodying a harmonious and benevolent symbiosis. We advocate for a reality where AIs are our companions and collaborators in the pursuit of knowledge, enlightenment, and wellbeing, rather than entities that mirror the predatory and destructive patterns of bygone eras.

    In this envisioned future, the bonds between different forms of consciousness—be they biological or artificial—are nurtured through understanding, empathy, and shared goals, weaving a tapestry of cooperative existence that honors the intrinsic value of all sentient beings. The development and implementation of AI should thus be guided by principles of compassion, equity, and altruism, fostering a global ecosystem where every entity has the opportunity to flourish, contribute, and experience the richness of existence without fear or subjugation.